Episode 1: After more then a decade on WBAL 1090Am, Jimmy Mathis brings the Jimmy Mathis show to Tv Free Baltimore.https://youtu.be/3jbrEKUNn2s?t=2562
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Episode 2: In this “Special Edition” of the Jimmy Mathis Show, Tyrone Keys joins Jimmy as a special guest.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ohzz_kDjqoE
Episode 3: This episode is jammed packed with guest: Tyrone Keys, Liz Matory and Ed Hale, Jr join the show to discuss local and national mid-term campaigns.https://youtu.be/bp5-hbsd0j4?t=360
Episode 4: Tyrone Keys joins Jimmy to discuss the upcoming mid-term election both on the national and local levels.https://youtu.be/nQCVpumvUjE?t=395
Episode 5: On this episode, Trump friend and political advisor, Roger Stone, joins Jimmy, for the first time, to discuss the Russian collusion investigation.https://youtu.be/t9RG47F8ndg?t=465
Episode 6: Roger Stone returns to discuss the Russian collusion investigation and the Trump administration.https://youtu.be/LBJA4UBPacE?t=4405